I'm a 3d modular prop artist and Level 10 Pinball Wizard. I have worked on multiple professional projects, internships, and freelance work. Please feel free to contact me at: sillbusiness@gmail.com

A 1:1 Realistic Recreation of TRG Reality's CGI DEPT. For The Oculus Rift

Download Link For Mac And Windows

An internal test created to experiment with a new way to offer Architecture and Product Rendering services

Role: 3d Environment Artist, World Builder, VR Tech Artist

Project Time: 1 month

I am responsible for all major aspects of this project from Design and Creation to Customization Implimentation

Hard Drive and Wacom Pen 3d models credited to Eddie Holecko

Created for The Unreal Engine 4 and The Oculus Rift

Realistic Oculus Rift Environment Still Frame

An in engine still showing off indirect lighting and various material properties

KitchenAid Blender Fruit

KitchenAid Blender Fruit KitchenAid Blender Fruit Breakdown

Task: Create realistic fruit to be utilized in a product animation

A mix of modeling/sculpting/procedural approaches were used in the creation of these assets to meet the client's extreme deadline

Rendered with 3ds-Max & V-ray

Riddell Speed Helmet Facemask, Liner, And Pads

Riddell Helmet Breakdown

Task: Model and Texture Riddell's newest Helmet Padding, and Texture Riddell's newest Facemask based on physical sample sent by client to be composited into client's PSD's

Only responsible for Modeling and Texturing and Compositing, not for final look on client website

Rendered with 3ds-Max & V-ray

Race to the Beach

This is a park attraction game made for Sea World San Diego and installed in their newly opened Turtle Reef

Role: 3d Prop Artist

In this clip I'm responsible for the creation of the sea fans, sea grass, plastic bags, sea sponges, and fishing nets

Video credited to Kyle Kenworthy Schell Games Animator

Jelly Kingdoms (DSi)

Yet to be released

Role: Technical Artist

Responsible for preparing full resolution sprites, animations, and environments by down-sampling for compatability within the DS-Nitro Engine

Shades of Sanity - Antique Globe: Zodiac Puzzle

Created an close-up interactive puzzle to highlight Sassafrass engine capabilities.

Shades of Sanity - Tileable Wall Texture

Responsible Only For Basement Wall Texture

I was tasked with creating a tileable and modular basement wall while bringing out the full potential of the Sassafrass Engine.

Cell Phone

Cell Phone Model Cell Phone Construction

Light Socket

Light Socket Model

Modular Architecture

Modular Architecture Modular Architecture Modular Architecture Modular Architecture Modular Architecture Modular Architecture Modular Architecture